Hi everyone!

Thanks for checking on The Trucks!

We've had a helluva summer: played Total Fest in Missoula Montana - our new favorite place to raft down the river drinkin' root beer, woo-hooo! This month we have a small window of free time before we reconvene in the lovely twisted Siamese knot that is The Trucks.

What do we do apart??

Faitie's a world-travelin; Kristin's been back in Bellingham working on some new, totally bad-ass, solo songs; Lindy's been lovin’ it up with the hot-hot-hub; and Maris is here there and everywhere.

But before all that, we got down to business and kicked off the fall with a super fun show at the annual Northwest Music Festival: Bumbershoot. There were hundreds of bands, phenomenal visual artists from all over the world, all the food food you can eat, and 50,000 peeps milling about waiting to be entertained. We were thrilled to be invited, with so many good bands playing, and it was good to see so many familiar and brand new faces in our 2nd hometown.

Our fall tour kicks-off at the Crocodile Cafe in Seattle on October 4th. Give us some love before we leave the very next day for a LOOONG six-week tour all over the US. [Faith's tromping around, troublin’ it up in Germany right now, but we're banking on her getting deported in time for tour!] We'll be hitting Montana, New York (the entire east coast), Florida, Georgia, Texas, Arizona Nevada, California, Oregon, and back for a grand finale at the High Dive (Seattle) November 10th. Tour dates will be posted soon, so tell your friends to check it! toot-toot!

After that we're planning on a well deserved hiatus till New Years eve, where you should party down with us at the Comet Tavern in Seattle. And then the first of the year - Lindy drum roll please! - we begin work on A BRAND NEW ALBUM!!

Stay posted, and make sure to sign our mailing list so we can let you know when we're coming through your town.